Global Inequalities Seminar 1: Global Work, Global Labour

Tuesday 18th May 2021, 11:00-13:00

How do we investigate the intersecting inequalities experienced across the diverse geographies of labour? How do we account for the ruptures and continuities in the changing worlds of work and everyday life? What are the multi-dimensional structuring conditions of work and working lives? And how do we understand the distinctive inequalities of interconnected groups of marginalised workers across the globe? In this seminar, we will present and discuss key conceptual debates on labour studies and global labour, focusing on how this can help us to comprehend the overlapping and intersecting inequalities of work and workers. We will examine important methodological issues of working on/with workers in and beyond traditional forms of organised labour, applying these questions to our own research priorities and exploring the possible conceptual and methodological overlaps with the wider research themes of the Global Inequalities Research Group.

Seminar Leads: Amarachi Amaugo, Pinar Donmez, Adam Fishwick, Merve Sancak